Our search for native Tahitian pearls began years ago when our desire for authentic Tahitians of unparalleled beauty led us to Josh Humbert...surfer, diver, photographer, friend and owner of Kamoka Pearl Farm.

We easily fell in love with Josh's passion for ecological and sustainable practices, laid back nature, remarkable story, and kindred spirit for the ocean and its' gems. Imagine sailing a boat built on a shoestring budget through the breathtaking waters of Tahiti to find yourself settling down in a Palm-leaf house with nothing but a love for the ocean and its inhabitants, and that's the heart of where Kamoka Pearls stems from. True story!

The beauty of each Tahitian pearl begins on a small Tahitian pearl farm on the French Polynesian atoll of Ahe. Kamoka grows fine Tahitian pearls in one of the world’s most beautiful natural settings. This truly green pearl farm is as concerned about their environmental mark as the beauty of the pearls they produce. They are one of the only Tahitian pearl farms in French Polynesia to recycle local mother of pearl as nuclei in the pearl grafting process, their oysters are cleaned by the gentle nibbling of the lagoon's fish populations and the energy needs come almost entirely from wind and solar power. Kamoka is dedicated to fair wages, fair working conditions and fair dealings with their wholesale clients.

Here at Sea Roots, we've cutout the middle man and gone straight to the source of excellence because we want the very best, and as a result each Tahitian pearl that comes from Kamoka is approved by the GIE Perles de Tahiti for their superior quality, luster and unparalleled beauty!

As with every pearl from Kamoka Pearls no two are exactly alike which adds to its specialness and exclusiveness, just like YOU!