An east coast girl at heart, my creative influence stems from my mother’s keen eye for beauty and father’s spirit of adventure. It was the love of a surfer that brought me to the crashing waves and majestic cliffs of California. Our belief that quality should never be compromised for quantity combined with our love for sun-kissed skin, endless summers, Hawaiian glow, surfing, hula, salty air and sea sprayed hair, the hustle of cities, and the allure of natural beauty gives Sea Roots its grassroot ideals.

Our mission is to embrace the beauty of our imperfections and unveil the gem we all were created to be by wearing genuine pieces of art that are as unique and beautiful as you! We believe it’s in the tossing about by the waves of life that give pearls, sea glass and each person the value and worth they carry.

Sea Roots mirrors the rich coastlines of California and Hawaii with a hint of city flare for a look that is both vibrant and carefree. We create with an eco-conscious mind and seek out sustainable materials where we can. Sea Roots offers soft and sumptuous fabrics and sustainable bamboo fibers, hand picked shells, local sea glass, and unparalleled Tahitian pearls. We create our hand-sewn garments one at a time with special attention to detail; we solder, hammer and shape precious metals for one-of-a-kind pieces; we drill and refine shells, sea glass, and pearls making each creation tailor made!

Sea Roots is for the gal who wants a bit of relaxed elegance wherever she goes!

Andrea M.
Owner/ Sea Roots